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  • Can I make an appointment for two people?
    Short Answer: Yes. - If you want a same day appointment, please give us a call to ensure we have enough spots available. - If it's not a same day appointment, you can just go ahead and schedule your appointment online. Make sure you leave a note telling us you'll have two people coming.
  • How about more than two people?
    Short answer: maybe. We are a small massage palor where we can only take 5 people max. Please give us a call to ensure we have enough staff for the date and time you want.
  • I don't see any availability for the time I want, does it mean it's full?"
    Short answer: not necessarily. Our online system is designed to take one person at a time and you need to book it at least one hour in advance. Just give us a call, very likely we can take you in right away.
  • I need to cancel my appointment, what should I do?"
    Just reply to your confirmation email or give us a call. No worries, no questions asked.
  • Can I use insurance or HSA/FSA?
    We don't deal with insurance companies directly. However, you can request for your receipt after the treatment, then claim your expenses back from your insurance or HSA/FSA account. Make sure to provide us your full name, email and dollar amount spent.
  • My neck/shoulder/lower back is tight, which massage should I book?"
    Short answer: Classic Massage Therapy Note: Each of our massage therapists have his/her own personality and preference on how much pressure they want to use for your session. Please tell them how much pressure you prefer to ensure the massage you get is the one you like.
  • My wrist/hand/leg/lower back swells/hurts, which massage should I get?"
    Short answer: Therapeutic Massage or Chinese Medicine Massage. Our therapeutic massage and Chinese Medicine Massage are designed for pain treatment.
  • What's the difference between Therapeutic Massage and Chinese Medicine Massage?
    They use very similar massage techniques. The major difference is what kind of oil is used on your pain area. If you want essential oil, you can choose Therapeutic Massage; if you want something oriental, try the Chinese Medicine Massage. Based on our customer survey, people who choose Chinese Medicine Massage recover faster. This may end up saving you money and time.
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